Monday, May 22, 2017

Single release: 'Forget Her' by Jen Mize ft Duncan Toombs

Jen Mize's latest album, Warnings & Wisdom, has yielded a second single: the slice of wonderfulness that is 'Forget Her'. Mize was in the studio with producer Shane Nicholson when Toombs - who is well known to country music audiences as he turns up in a lot of bands playing a lot of different instruments - stopped by to record backing vocals. Mize was so impressed by what she heard that she rewrote 'Forget Her' as a duet. Once you hear this song, you will understand why. Mize's rich, honeyed, husky tones are so well balanced by Toombs, and the song is a bittersweet rendering of longing, hope and pragmatism.

This is a song you'll want to play over and over - which you can do by watching the video below. You can also buy Warnings & Wisdom on

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